Connecting Hour

An hour between services to build relationships and begin finding your place

About Connecting Hour

The Connecting Hour is a unique window of time from 9:30–10:30 AM on Sunday mornings, situated between our earlier and later worship services, designed for you to begin forming relationships with other people in the church. Age-based Bible Fellowship groups are available throughout the campus during this hour, or you may prefer to take things at your own pace and grab a cup of coffee with a friend. Other important events in the life of our church family, like baptisms, are also part of the Connecting Hour schedule.


Bible Fellowships

Looking for a friendly class similar to “Sunday school”? That’s a Bible Fellowship! If you’d like to meet a few more people, enjoy a cup of coffee, and discuss the Bible together, check one out while you’re here on Sunday morning. Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) meet upstairs for an interactive study of Scripture — see a complete list of groups below. Classes are generally a few dozen in size, mostly grouped by age, and you can jump in at any time! Children, Preteens, Students, and College Bible Fellowships also meet in their respective areas during the Connecting Hour.


If a one-on-one conversation is more your style, there are always people in the Main Hall ready to talk over a cup of coffee. Pick a table and pull up a chair, stop by the Welcome Center, or just find a quiet spot to hang out with a friend. This Connecting Hour is intended for you to build a sense of community within our church family however you choose!

Special Events

We sometimes utilize the Connecting Hour for other important opportunities that need to happen on a Sunday morning. Twice per year, for example, our entire church family gathers in the Chapel to celebrate believers’ baptism and the dedication of children to the Lord. At other times, guest speakers and seasonal classes may also be available.

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Bible Fellowship Classes

Here’s where you can join us for study and conversation at 9:30 AM.


Adult Bible Fellowship 1
Young Adults
Upstairs in Room 208

Adult Bible Fellowship 2
Age 30s–40s
Upstairs in Room 206

Adult Bible Fellowship 3
Age 50s–60s
Upstairs in Room 207

Adult Bible Fellowship 4
Age 60s–70s
Upstairs in Room 207A

Adults Bible Fellowship 5
Age 70s and up
Upstairs in Room 209

Just for Women
Women only
Upstairs in Room 206B


Nursery Care
6 weeks–age 4
Available in the Nursery

Early Elementary
PreK–Grade 3
Downstairs in the Children’s Area

Grades 4–5
Upstairs in the Attic

Grades 6–12
Across the drive at the Gym

Bible Fun Fellowship
All ages
Downstairs in the Dining Room

Meet the Team

Our staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about the Connecting Hour, what opportunities are available, and how you can find your place.

Nolen Smith

Education Pastor

Nolen joined the Grace Church staff in August of 2014. He has served on staff at Grace in small group, high school, and now college ministry. He graduated from Texas A&M in 2010 and has served in youth and family ministries in College Station, Plano, and Wichita Falls, and is currently pursuing his MABS at Grace School of Theology.

He enjoys spending time with his wife, Susan, and their three children, Elliot, and Cooper, and Marley, as well as hanging out with friends and watching sports. He is passionate about the teaching process, and, most importantly, loves seeing people learn to trust Jesus.

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