JDV 2016: Thursday

This year I had the pleasure of organizing Vacation Bible School for the children at Jamaica Deaf Village. We had such a great time this week! We had 10 kids ranging from 9 years old to 11 months old! Our theme was “Trusting God’s Plan” and we learned that God is always in control and we can trust Him because He loves us. It has been so fun to see their faces as we learn about Joseph, David, Esther, and Paul and how God used their lives for His good purpose!

Like last year, we did some great science experiments every day including homemade ice cream, bubbles, volcanoes, and even “Oobleck!” These kids get so excited about science because they never get to do experiments at their school during the year. It is so special for us to get to give them that experience.

We added a new segment this year teaching about missionaries around the world. We brought a world map to hang up in the common room at the village and we were surprised to see every Jamaican, young and old, completely engrossed in that map! They loved seeing where all of the continents and countries are in relation to their home. They also loved hearing about how others are sharing the gospel in Holland, Russia, Indonesia, and India.

Today, I told the story of Paul and Silas from Acts chapter 16 when they were imprisoned and they were able to share Jesus with the jailer and his family. When the day was through, I asked the kids what they learned and they said, “No matter where we are, we can always worship God!” Another boy said, “And believe in Jesus!” I absolutely agree that we can always worship God and we can always find a way to share our faith in Jesus with others, no matter where life takes us. We talked about so much, but if this was the only thing they got out of the week, I would still be happy!

I love everything about my time in Jamaica, but there is seriously nothing better than hearing those little voices yell “Miss Keemberlee!!!” I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend this time with them and for all of the team members who helped throughout the week. Can’t wait for next year!

Kimberly Ravelo


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