JDV 2016: Sunday

To keep in context with the message we heard this morning, I’d like to share with you my experience during the short visit to the infirmary. However, to start, I will share a part of the sermon that rattled my heart in such a beautiful way. The speaker, with much conviction, said to us, “maturity in the Lord is not instantaneous.” Now, that’s not necessarily verbatim, but that’s how my heart and mind interpreted it. I’ve been a “Christian” for as long as I can remember, but in my heart I’ve only truly appreciated the Lord’s patience and felt a deep love for him for about a year. So, with that, I would not yet consider myself mature in Christ. There’s still this awkward and anxious part of me that struggles with obtaining spiritual relationships. Now, I know that anxiety is not of God, and I know that with a patient and devoted heart the Lord will set me free of that one day.

I got a glimpse of what that “one day” may look like this afternoon at the infirmary. This place houses beautiful, but forgotten souls; some able-minded, but still ill equipped to care for themselves. Walking in, I felt overwhelmingly intimidated, yet hopeful that I could selflessly connect with someone. After a few failed attempts trying to communicate, I noticed a woman’s hand emerging from a nearby window. I reluctantly reached out and squeezed it, hoping she would give me an “in” so I could chat with her. This delightful human’s name is Mavis Morgan; an elderly amputee with an able mind and colorful spirit. I was blessed to hear a little of her story and man, her toothless smile ignited so much joy in my soul. The conditions in which they live are absolutely considered “third world,” but her excitement to just be alive was inspiring, and quite humbling.

So, you’re thinking, how does this story relate to “the art of maturity?” Well, I may not feel comfortable sharing the gospel with people quite yet, but I know that I am equipped to love on and cherish another person’s life; to listen, encourage, and strip off any selfishness for the sake of hearing a beautiful story. I guess that’s demonstrating Christ’s love in the best way I know how at this point in my faith. I know I’ll get there as long as I make myself available to God. I feel the relationship strengthening, and I am proud to call myself a CHILD of God. Because as children, we all need guidance, and forever I will be a student of His grace.


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