JDV 2016: Monday

Today started off with some beautiful weather. Woke up at 6:00 this morning and the cool breeze was just amazing. Today was our first day of working construction and it was a little tough. It was pretty hot and the sun was wearing down on us. Shoveling and pouring concrete is way tougher than you think.

When we took a break at lunch I was tired but as I sat there I felt great knowing all the work we had just done. After lunch we went back to work and it started pouring rain…which felt amazing!! It did make for a mess but the weather cooled down at least a good 15-20 degrees.

Also I’ve met some pretty amazing people here. One of the villagers has become one of my good friends, his name is Calva. He has taught me so much sign language in the two days I have been here. He was born healthy and able to hear, but at sometime in his life he became Ill and deaf. He told me, “I just have to live with it and keep pushing.” He is quite a wonderful, inspiring man. It’s amazing how quick you catch on and how fast friendships are made.

I’m falling in love with this place it is absolutely beautiful. My life has changed quickly and I am so thankful to be here.

—Lauren Giles


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